Students learn to:

  • Recognize numbers and count to 20
  • Count with 1:1 correspondence
  • Name shapes
  • Explore 2 and 3 dimensional objects
  • Identify more than, fewer than, before, after
  • Identify length and width
  • Measure objects with non-standard units of measure
  • Duplicate and extend patterns
  • Explore addition and subtraction.

Language Arts

Students learn to:

  • Identify letters (upper and lower case)
  • Identify letter sounds
  • Recognize rhyming words
  • Experience fiction and nonfiction text
  • Participate in discussions about texts
  • Learn and use new vocabulary
  • Read from left to right, top to bottom, and page to page
  • Recognize their name and know how to spell it correctly

Sight Words

Students will learn to:

  • Recognize, read and write some pre-primer Dolch sight words


Students learn to:

  • Strengthen their fine motor skills to prepare them for writing
  • Use the Handwriting Without Tears program to foster their pre-writing skills
  • Write their name using upper and lowercase letters
  • Begin to write letters of the alphabet by the end of year

Social Studies

Students learn the:

  • Four seasons
  • Weather
  • Holidays
  • Five senses
  • Families

Science & STREAM


Students will:

  • Engage in hands on activities that challenge them to think, explore, invent and construct


Students will learn:

  • Songs and chants
  • Colors and numbers 1-10
  • Introductions and greetings
  • Animals
  • Family
  • Clothing


Students learn:

  • The Creation Story
  • Stories about Jesus and the Holy Family
  • Catholic traditions
  • Prayers: The Guardian Angel, Our Father, Hail Mary and Glory Be
  • About the Bible
  • Through stories, crafts and songs
  • About the Mass & attend regularly

Weekly Specials

  • Art Physical
  • Education
  • Music
  • Library